Review Policy

  • The Book Mystress, is not willing to accept self published work,
  • I am not accepting EBOOKS right now due to request overload and a busy schedule  please send Bitten by Booklust your Ebook review requests.
  •  Indie and Small press is fine.
  • I am situated in Australia, please keep this in mind
  • I have a large to be read list, if you are interested in your work being reviewed by the book mystress, please keep this in mind
  • I will be happy to add your novel to that pile but please know that it may take me a while to get to it, if would like your novel read by a curtian date eg: release date, please put that in your inquiry.
  •  i would prefer  queries offering hard Hardcopy, this can be ARC, Finished copies, etc. 
  • I do not read in the order i get them i read in the order that sounds best, so please, help me out and make your novel sound good
  • Genres I am most interested in is Young Adult, Paranormal, Litaray Fiction but am open to enquires about any genre, 
  • Please when you email put your NAME, TITLE and GENRE, this makes it easier for me later on.
  • I am more then interested to do giveaways, blog tours, etc, just contact me on one of the means below
  • Feel free to
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  •, i will always reply.


Reviews and opinion given by The Book Mystress, will always be honest and true to what The Book Mystress thinks, if you do not like whatThe Book Mystress has to say please talk about it maturely The Book Mystress will not be attacked for stating her honest opinion,She does not review books to rub egos, she reviews books to let people know what she think about them, having said that The Book Mystress likes pretty much anything and will accept any type of book, novel, or short story and review it to her true thoughts, thanks again for choosing The Book Mystess

The Book Mystress, xx